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    What is a Cosplay Tutorial?

    Cosplay Tutorials teach specific skills or help you complete a project. Tutorials are results based. By the end of a tutorial a cosplayer should come away with a completed project, such as a piece of armor, or have learned a new skill, such as how to gradient dye fabric.

    • Teach specific skills
    • Help complete a project
    • Results based

    What is an Informational Guide?

    Informational Guides give more knowledge on a topic and are not results based. Guides can be material comparisons, like comparing EVA Foam vs. Worbla. It could be a pros and cons list of different fabrics. Guides can teach you about the capabilities of your tools, or provide helpful tips to novice crafters.

    • Knowledge based
    • Material comparisons
    • Pros & Cons list
    • Helpful tips

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