Cosplay Tutorial Guide: Lily from “Recovery of an MMO Junkie”


Base Dress: McCall’s M7352 Use view C with long sleeves. Alter sleeves to be three-quarter length.
Add High Collar: Learn how to add a rectangular collar to a round neckline here.
Add Contrasting Cuffs: Learn how to add cuffs to sleeves here.
Add Contrasting Pleats: Learn how to add kick pleats in this video. Add two pleats in the front and two pleats in the back.


Base Cloak: Draft your own hooded cloak by following this video here. Make sure to round the lower front corners.
Add Fur Trim: Learn how to add a fur trim in this video. Watch this video before completing your cloak!


Lily wears plain brown boots with a small heel. This kind of generic shoe usually isn’t hard to find at thrift stores or your local shoe shop. But just in case you can’t find what you’re looking for in stores, we’ve added a couple of options.
Shoe Covers: Learn how to make non-stretchy boot covers here.
Buy from Amazon: Here’s one suggestion, but don’t be afraid to browse the site for your perfect boot.


Base Beret: Learn how to make a beret here. Make sure to account for a larger head size if you will be wearing a wig.


Bows: Learn how to sew anime style bows in this video.

Wig Suggestions

Arda Wigs: Magnum Classic in Rose Pink
Epic Cosplay: Aphrodite Princess Dark Pink Mix
Amazon Prime: Kadiya Short Pink Cosplay Wig


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